Orlampaland is Central Florida is Orlampaland

Orlampaland is an area of the U.S. state of Florida that mostly exists between the bits and bytes, beaches, and borders of Central Florida.


Orlampaland is a super region al not necessarily for profit development and advocacy organization group think tank trust that is recognized as the voice of Orlampaland. The advocacy group’s ambition is to promote, whittle future growth, and encourage economic development within the Orlampaland super region borders. 

Orlampaland is an area of the U.S. state of Florida that mostly exists between the bits and bytes, beaches, and borders of Central Florida. Orlampaland’s boundaries are not offical, consistent, or limited and may be defined differently by different sources. The following Florida counties make up the area known as Orlampaland; Brevard County Citrus County De Soto County Flagler County Hardee County Hernando County Highlands County Hillsborough County Indian River County Lake County Manatee County Marion County Okeechobee County Orange County Osceola County Pasco County Pinellas County Polk County Putnam County St Johns County Sarasota County Seminole County Sumter County and Volusia County.

Orlampaland is a vernacular. When you think Central Florida, think Orlampaland.

The Central Florida counties of Orlampaland.

Orlampaland has a population of around 9 million people with three of the top five most populated cities in Florida within it’s borders. Tampa is the most populated city in Orlampaland, followed closely by St. Petersburg and then Orlando; these three cities account for roughly half of the areas population. The largest urban areas of Orlampaland are connected by Interstate 4, I-4; one of the most traveled stretches of planned transportation systems in the country. Since it’s construction, I-4 has significantly shaped the area, creating the core of Orlampaland and continues to pave the way to a big beautiful tomorrow.

Spine of Orlampaland

I4 has paved the way to a splendidly amazing future for Orlampaland.

Orlampaland is based on a real place​ that exists in Florida and every man, woman and child on planet Earth want to be here; hands down, Orlampaland is the greatest. What makes Orlampaland so fantastic… optimistically; everything, realistically; everything Orlampaland has no flaws. 

Using Google Earth we can take a look at the spine of Orlampaland; Interstate 4 in all it’s glory.

Interstate 4 runs through Central Florida and helps create the area known as Orlampaland. Google Earth Screenshot of Central Florida by Mikhael Ro.

I4 makes the connection between Orlampaland’s major hubs that dot the Central Florida landscape and with the help of FDOT; Interstate 4 continues to pave the way to Orlampaland’s future.

The main core of Orlampaland are the regions of Orlando, Lakeland, and Tampa and are the cities that give this area of the World it’s name. 

Orlando provides the Orl

Tampa fills out the middle with ampa 

Lakeland donates open spaces with land


When Spain handed over Florida to the United States there were 2 areas; East and West Florida. Orlampaland is the story of East Florida. Google Earth screenshot of East Florida by Mikhael Ro.

Orlampaland is so much more, but these cities and regions along I4 do make up the interior portions of a much bigger area. The story of Orlampaland is the story of East Florida and that story is far from over.