Orlando has a Downtown

Orlando building building Orlando.


Downtown Orlando Photo by Mikhael Ro.

Downtown Orlando Photo by Mikhael Ro.

Munn’s the Word

Munn Park in Lakeland has been an anchor for the community for over one hundred years.

Downtown Lakeland is home to Munn Park; named after Abraham Munn the city of Lakeland’s founder. On June 3 1910 the park was dedicated and then on November 3 1997 the park was classified as a U.S. historic district.

Munn Park in downtown Lakeland FL. Photo by Mikhael Ro.

A Place with a View

With a view towards the future; OHPOP opens.

Exciting times in Orlampa, Florida with the opening of the Orlampa High Point Observation Park. OHPOP was made possible by close cooperation between McDonald’s and the company that recently built this fast food restaurant where Orlampa and Interstate 4 intersect.

The Orlampa High Point Observation Park has tables, chairs, and a waste disposal station. Covering provides protection from the Earth’s nearest Star, the Sun; a very thoughtful feature to OHPOP. Photo by Mikhael Ro

The Orlampa High Point Observation Park has a view of the iconic Orlampa airfield; home to Fantasy of Flight.

The view from the Orlampa High Point Observation Park. Photo by Mikhael Ro.

Spine of Orlampaland

I4 has paved the way to a splendidly amazing future for Orlampaland.

Orlampaland is based on a real place​ that exists in Florida and every man, woman and child on planet Earth want to be here; hands down, Orlampaland is the greatest. What makes Orlampaland so fantastic… optimistically; everything, realistically; everything Orlampaland has no flaws. 

Using Google Earth we can take a look at the spine of Orlampaland; Interstate 4 in all it’s glory.

Interstate 4 runs through Central Florida and helps create the area known as Orlampaland. Google Earth Screenshot of Central Florida by Mikhael Ro.

I4 makes the connection between Orlampaland’s major hubs that dot the Central Florida landscape and with the help of FDOT; Interstate 4 continues to pave the way to Orlampaland’s future.

The main core of Orlampaland are the regions of Orlando, Lakeland, and Tampa and are the cities that give this area of the World it’s name. 

Orlando provides the Orl

Tampa fills out the middle with ampa 

Lakeland donates open spaces with land


When Spain handed over Florida to the United States there were 2 areas; East and West Florida. Orlampaland is the story of East Florida. Google Earth screenshot of East Florida by Mikhael Ro.

Orlampaland is so much more, but these cities and regions along I4 do make up the interior portions of a much bigger area. The story of Orlampaland is the story of East Florida and that story is far from over.

Why Not, Orlampaland?

It had to start, what better place than here.

Central Florida is the greatest place in the World. Period. Orlampaland is based on a real place with actual events and memorable characters. 

Again, Central Florida is the greatest place in the World. Period. The Florida bias is strong here and there is an unwillingness to curtail such tendencies, so you’ll have to look past it or just accept it as fact. Orlampaland is awe inspiring and fun, a lot of real mixed in with a little bit of fantasy. Known the World over, unlike anything seen throughout history, and not likely to be duplicated, ever. 

Orlampaland is one of a kind.

Kermit’s Fantasy Continued

Their is a place tucked away in the heart of Central Florida that serves as inspiration to the future. Orlampa, Florida has a sign, trees, cows, even faux oil derricks managed by the fictitious Orlampa Oil and Gas Co; but you won’t find Orlampa on Google Maps. Well, actually if you search for Orlampa on Google Maps you will get a result. Polk City, FL is about halfway between Orlando, and Tampa, FL and is home to Fantasy of Flight; a now closed to the public aircraft museum and airfield. Fantasy of Flight was started by Kermit Weeks and Orlampa is also a creation of Mr Weeks.

Future site of Downtown Orlampa. Source; Google Image Search Looking for Name

In honor of Kermit Weeks the first Mayor of Orlampa, Florida; Orlampaland will strive to expand the territory, be creative and forward thinking while having fun. 

It has to be about fun or what’s the point. Look Bubbles.

Bubbles photo by Mikhael Ro

Top Down Decision

At the top of the Twitter page is a header space that needs attention; your attention.

Orlampaland header image for Twitter.

Do you have a preference? 

Do you like the one with the airplane?

Or the one with the sign?

Maybe you dislike both and want to submit your own ideas of what the header image on Twitter should look like. OK, do it. @Orlampaland 👍