Orlampaland Territory

Orlampaland is primed to continue the often unbelievable story of Florida. 


There is little doubt that you have heard of Florida,  home to Walt Disney World, the Everglades, and Saint Augustine; North Americas oldest city. You’re probably familiar with the nearly 700 miles of beaches, maybe you have stayed in one of the 350,000 hotel rooms, or you’re one of the 1000 people that move to Florida each and every day. 

Edging out New York in 2014; Florida is the most populated State East of the Mississippi River. The population increase in Florida is mostly due to the overwhelming draw of warm weather, no state income tax, and the lore of Orlampaland.  Orlampaland? Yes, Orlampaland. Orlampaland is awesome.

Making up the bulk of what is the state of Florida, Orlampaland offers residents and visitors the planets most unique environments; both natural and man made. You say you’ve never heard of Orlampaland, but you have just by other verbage and vernacular.

Orlampaland has become home to people from all over the planet; a true mixing pot that everyone wants to be a part of, a global destination transforming the modern age. Orlampaland is primed to continue the often unbelievable story of Florida. 

Orlampaland is bordered by Georgia, West Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, the Island of South Florida, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Water is everywhere and plays an important part in our story, both our past and future are shaped by the ebs and flow of the water in and around the state of Florida and the Orlampaland area. Orlampaland is in it’s entirety is located within what was once considered to be East Florida. Once upon a time, long, long ago…

Flashback sequence, just imagine your imagination imagining a flashback.

The year was 1513 as three ships made their way West in search of new lands and stuff to discover. Juan Ponce de Leon was the primary financier for this expedition to search for the rumoured islands West of Puerto Rico. Legend says Ponce de Leon was looking for the Fountain of Youth, some say he named it; La Florida. 

Skipping ahead; Spain controlled Florida but then gave it to England, who split the territory into East and West Florida, the British ruled over the territory until giving it back to Spain, but only to have Spain give Florida to the United States in 1819. Florida was admitted into the United States as the 27th state in 1845, but less than 20 years later in 1861 seceded from the Union. After a period of Civil War, Florida was readmitted into the Union in 1868 and that pretty much catches us up on occupying authority. Things have been honky dorey ever since; at least on the surface.

Orlampaland is graced with a spectacular location and amazing neighbors. Directly North of Orlampaland is the great state of Georgia and the only border of Orlampaland with land. This waterless border is what connects Orlampaland with the mainland of the United States of America.

The land bridge connecting Orlampaland with the mainland United States.

Orlampaland shares a rich history with our friends to the North in Georgia and looks forward to many more years of mutually beneficial partnerships, open free borders, and friendship. The Florida – Georgia State line acts as Orlampaland’s Northern border, while the Suwannee River separates Orlampaland from West Florida and the Florida State Capital Tallahassee. 

Way down on the Suwannee River

The Gulf of Mexico is the dominant feature along Orlampaland’s Western border as is the Atlantic Ocean on the Eastern border.

Nearly surrounded by water, Orlampaland is similar to an island, an island of awesome.

The Island of South Florida sits across the Caloosahatchee River, which acts as Orlampaland’s southern border.

The island of South Florida

Orlampaland is and Orlampaland is ready. Come, stay a while, stay forever.

Orlampaland is Central Florida is Orlampaland

Orlampaland is an area of the U.S. state of Florida that mostly exists between the bits and bytes, beaches, and borders of Central Florida.

Orlampaland is a super region al not necessarily for profit development and advocacy organization group think tank trust that is recognized as the voice of Orlampaland. The advocacy group’s ambition is to promote, whittle future growth, and encourage economic development within the Orlampaland super region borders. 

Orlampaland is an area of the U.S. state of Florida that mostly exists between the bits and bytes, beaches, and borders of Central Florida. Orlampaland’s boundaries are not offical, consistent, or limited and may be defined differently by different sources. The following Florida counties make up the area known as Orlampaland; Brevard County Citrus County De Soto County Flagler County Hardee County Hernando County Highlands County Hillsborough County Indian River County Lake County Manatee County Marion County Okeechobee County Orange County Osceola County Pasco County Pinellas County Polk County Putnam County St Johns County Sarasota County Seminole County Sumter County and Volusia County.

Orlampaland is a vernacular. When you think Central Florida, think Orlampaland.

The Central Florida counties of Orlampaland.

Orlampaland has a population of around 9 million people with three of the top five most populated cities in Florida within it’s borders. Tampa is the most populated city in Orlampaland, followed closely by St. Petersburg and then Orlando; these three cities account for roughly half of the areas population. The largest urban areas of Orlampaland are connected by Interstate 4, I-4; one of the most traveled stretches of planned transportation systems in the country. Since it’s construction, I-4 has significantly shaped the area, creating the core of Orlampaland and continues to pave the way to a big beautiful tomorrow.

Exploratory Organization​

Orlampaland Residents Resources Organization is also known​ as ORR ORG.

The ORR Organization has been established to further the Orlampaland project towards a fruitful future… friut like citrus; buy Florida Citrus. 

ORR Organization

The ORR Org will be handling the paperwork, decorating for office parties, scheduling, and providing awesomeness a plenty. Planning has begun for stuff and things. Everyone involved is super excited.

Expedition Everest

On April 7, 2006 Disney’s Animal Kingdom changed forever with the opening of Expedition Everest.

Expedition Everest opened at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World on April 7, 2006.

Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World. Photo by Mikhael Ro.

Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World. Photo by Mikhael Ro.

Westshore Sunset

Sunset on Westshore

Travel East along Kennedy Boulevard in the Westshore Business District during sunset for a mildly blinding experience.

The Sun reflecting off the Tampa Commons Building. Photo by Mikhael Ro.

The Tampa Commons Building at the intersection of Kennedy Boulevard and Dale Mabry reflects the Sun, producing the illusion of a Sunset in the East. The Tampa Commons Building gives off a tremendous amount of light even at a mile and a half away.

Sunset selfie. Photo by Mikhael Ro.

Sunset in the rearview. Photo by Mikhael Ro.