Why Not, Orlampaland?

It had to start, what better place than here.

Central Florida is the greatest place in the World. Period. Orlampaland is based on a real place with actual events and memorable characters. 

Again, Central Florida is the greatest place in the World. Period. The Florida bias is strong here and there is an unwillingness to curtail such tendencies, so you’ll have to look past it or just accept it as fact. Orlampaland is awe inspiring and fun, a lot of real mixed in with a little bit of fantasy. Known the World over, unlike anything seen throughout history, and not likely to be duplicated, ever. 

Orlampaland is one of a kind.

Kermit’s Fantasy Continued

Their is a place tucked away in the heart of Central Florida that serves as inspiration to the future. Orlampa, Florida has a sign, trees, cows, even faux oil derricks managed by the fictitious Orlampa Oil and Gas Co; but you won’t find Orlampa on Google Maps. Well, actually if you search for Orlampa on Google Maps you will get a result. Polk City, FL is about halfway between Orlando, and Tampa, FL and is home to Fantasy of Flight; a now closed to the public aircraft museum and airfield. Fantasy of Flight was started by Kermit Weeks and Orlampa is also a creation of Mr Weeks.

Future site of Downtown Orlampa. Source; Google Image Search Looking for Name

In honor of Kermit Weeks the first Mayor of Orlampa, Florida; Orlampaland will strive to expand the territory, be creative and forward thinking while having fun. 

It has to be about fun or what’s the point. Look Bubbles.

Bubbles photo by Mikhael Ro

Author: Mikhael Ro

Native Floridian, Father, Husband, Son,

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